Mark Negley – Campaign

My dad has been the Supervisor of Elections for 16 years. This year, he had 4 opponents so I became his campaign manager. I did everything for him. I made his sign, newspaper ads, t-shirts, an info sheet, postcard, Facebook page and I went to most of his events with him. The thing he had that set him apart from all of the other candidates was experience, so that’s what we pushed.

We started off making the campaign sign. The sign is what sets the tone of the rest of the election. He wanted it to be simple, easy to read and traditional. He also insisted on having a checkmark to represent voting. He came up with the tag line “Proven Experience” so I added that to the sign.

Next, I came up the full page newspaper ad and postcard. Both had similar content and messaging and the same imagery. A family photo was at the head of the ad and the wording had to do with families growing up similar to his office maturing over time (harping on his experience).

I also made a handy info sheet for his office and website to make voter information for his county readily available to his constituents.

The photo at the top is one of his sign in a cow pasture in my home town.

What I did:

  • Branding
  • Print Ads & Postcard
  • Social Media